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Two Bar Wall Quilt Hangers w/ Shelf

Two Bar Wal Quilt Hanger Two Bar Wal Quilt Hanger and Racks

The Two Bar quilt hanger is just like the 1, 3, 4 and 6 Bar quilt hanger, except it only has 2 BARS. All option and features are list below.

Options and Features Available:
  • Available in over 35 Customizable  sizes, all the way up to 104"
  • Attaches to wall by way of screws though Back top.
  • Between Standard sizes available, just ask!
  • Any length up to and above listed length
  • Over 16 Minwax Stains and 4 Colored stains
  • NEW White Wash now Available
  • 6 different Wood types, other wood available upon request
  • Shelf have 3/8" plate groove
  • Standard Shelf Depth for Length of 24'' to 36'' is 3.75 inches Usable.
  • Standard Shelf Depth for Length of 38'' to 90'' is 4.75 inches Usable.
  • Display 2 quilts on the same wall.
  • Deeper Shelves available upon special request
  • Clear Coat or No Clear Coat
  • Select Unfinished & save yourself 10%
  • Rods are removable for easy changing.
It's a good idea to order the quilt hanger at least 2 inches longer then your quilt, Our width is measured from inside of bracket to bracket.
example- If your quilt is 54" wide, then you might want to a choose a 56" Bar length.

Alder wood in a good wood for browns, while Mahogany is for reds.
Oak wood is an all around good material for staining and working.
Maple isn't available on this item due to staining characteristics.

For Dark colors like Ebony and Jacobean, we would suggest Pine or Alder.
White Wash looks good on Oak Wood.
Special Notes / Please Read
On Hangers 24" to 34" 24" to 34" is 13" High and comes with a 3.75" usable  deep shelves, Rod is .75"x1.5" and is 3" longer then width.
On Hangers 36" to 96" 36" to 96" is 15" High and comes with a  4.75" usable deep shelf Rod is .75"x1.75" and is 3" longer then width.

You can now choose between Applique A or B,
 With or Without a Heart, Three Hearts or
No Hearts at all.

Actual results on your wood item may vary due to the color, grain,  texture and surface porosity of the wood.
Click on list below to see Stain Colors.

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Free shipping to the Continental US

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