Large selection,  Fully Customizable Tapered Blanket & Quilt Ladder

Tapered Blanket and Quilt Hanger

New to our web site. The new Tapered Quilt Ladder. Still, a unique and time tested, way to display your prized quilts, throws, towels, textiles, and blankets in a limited space. Designed to take up little space and lean against any wall, this custom made and sturdily built with our exclusive mortise and tenon construction to prevent rungs from spinning or coming loose. All sides pieces are cut at the top to lay flat against a wall, as the bottom are trimmed to lay flat on the floor. All edges are rounded and sanded smooth as to not damage your quilts or blankets. All material is premium selected and knot free. Each ladder is hand rubbed stained with your choice of stain colors from Minwax or Whitewashed. .

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You may also leave it un-finished and save $$. About the only difference between our standard straight Quilt Ladder and the new Tapered Quilt Ladder is the rungs have been tapered and each end & come in adjusted lengths to give you that Tapered Look. Rungs are evenly spaced vertically approximately 12 inches apart be also available at 18 inches apart vertically to allow for a better display area. With the selected option, you can have your ladder applied with 5 coats of clear all natural Shellac. Parts come pre-drilled, marked and instructions are included. Remember and please NOTE, When selecting the rung width, you are selecting the Shortest rung. All additional rungs going Down are slightly longer. Total difference from top to bottom is approximately 7 to 8 inches, depending on ladder height. All additional options are described and available below.

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      The All seeing Eye
      Compression Bar Quilt Hanger
      Six Bar Quilt Shelf Hanger Country Compression Shelf Quilt Hanger