Country Compression Quilt Hanger with Shelf

Compression Bars

Simple but yet useful, the Compression Quilt Rack with Shelf is designed similar to our Compression Wall Quilt Hanger except it comes with a top-shelf added. The shelf is available in sizes to accommodate any need and comes with a plate groove and is very useful for displaying those prized knick-knacks, plates or the pictures of the grandkids. This quilt hanger with shelf fits on any wall by using steel keyhole hangers (included) and works by securely compressing the full length of your quilt, rug, poster, silk textile between two pieces of wood by a system of steel hanger bolts and t-nuts

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Width Size, Wood Type, Stain Color and Top Cutouts all selectable. No holes required in Quilt.. Please see below for option

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      Natural Stain Color

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      Compression Bar Quilt Hanger
      Six Bar Quilt Shelf Hanger One Bar Hanger