Frequently asked questions page

Shipping and Tracking:

How can I track my order?

Within the first 24 hours after your order is shipped, our Shipping dept. (me) will send you an e-mail. In this e-mail will be the total charged to your credit card, a tracking number and a link to UPS's package tracking page.

Shipping to other countries?

We offer FREE shipping only to Continental USA customers, If you live in other area's, (APO's, Canada, Europe,  Japan) we will contact you with the additional cost.

Do you do Rush Orders?

You bit, but we would appreciate only customers that need it sooner, use this option. Just note it on your order when you place it. Remember, your item is Custom Made and sometimes rush isn't possible.

Sales & Ordering:

Do we except Checks or Money Order?

Yes, but you must call us and have us inter your order for you. (503)829-5544 After we place your order, we must receive your Check or Money Order within 10 days.

Do you give Military Discount?

Yes, It is our pleasure to offer All Active Duty, Retired, Guard Members and Reserves a 10% Discount on all orders. Please contact us by e-mail or phone to get a 10% military discount code. If we are currently have a sale, That sale over-rides that discount.

Do we sale Wholesale?

No Currently. Sorry!

Product Questions:

Do you ever use other wood types?

Yes, give us call, we have excise to more then 30 different types of Wood. We may even have it in stock,

How are the Quilt Hangers attached to the wall?

Most of our Compression type Quilt Bars and shelves are designed with "Steel Keyhole Hanger". These steel hangers are installed with screws and have holes drilled though them to help with marking the spot on the wall to hang your rack.

Do you set the hanging holes at 16''?

We have been doing woodworking for the past 36 years. After making everything from Shelves, candle sconces, calendars, shadow boxes, peg racks and yes, Quilt rack and hangers, we have found that no matter where we put the hanging holes or fasteners. When you go to hang it on a wall in your home, you probably will not find a stud or both studs to hang your item. You usually put the item where it looks the best in the room, with no regards to where the studs are located inside the wall. So with that said, this is why we do not locate our hanging holes or fasteners at 16'', 18'', 24'' centers on our products. If you feel you need this, just ask, we'll be nice a do it for you.

With Knobs or Knobless?

What is the difference between, With knobs or With-Out? Good Question, One that we answer about 10 times per week. Most customers feel With-knobs, like the older country traditional look, while the Knob-less customers like the more modern look. At no time, do you need to put holes in your quilt to hang them using either method. Usually when this option is available, there are two parts that are going to be held together to create the compression to hold your quilt or textile.

Do you special Order?

Yes, Quite often. If you have a drawing or a link, send it our way with your thoughts. Or you always call us.. (503)829-5544

Stains & Finishes

Special Stains and Colors?

We can do anything when it comes to stains. However~ it is becoming very time consuming to try and match everyone's special color requirements. Please try to keep your colors consistent. We can try and match.. but it might cost you.

What is this Clear Coat you Speak of?

The clear coat finish we use is Bulls Eye Shellac by Zinsser. It is an All-natural, non-toxic, very durable finish, works great to protect your prized quilt or wall hanging. UV resistant and non-yellowing, it is absolutely safe to use on children's toys. Currently we only offer the Clear finish, which has a faint, golden cast that is much lighter then other finishes.

Other Question?

Please feel free to call us anytime, if we're here, we'll answer the phone. Open M-F 9am to 5pm (west coast) (503)829-5544, or e-mail us at