Credit card security

We at Robinson's Woodcrafts have made it a top priority to respect and protect the security of our customers.

You can be absolutely assured that when you shop with us here at Robinson's,  all your personal Data is safe and encrypted, using the industry standard SSL encryption technique. When you click on the credit card payment option in our shopping cart. You will be taken to a secure web page.
All credit car transactions are processed thought our own authorized credit card terminal, using the latest encryption technology. Customer credit cards will be billed from Robinson's Woodcrafts.

Robinson's Woodcrafts. com or any of it's affiliates never rent, sale or otherwise distribute any information about our customers. This includes any personal data, and  e-mail address.

We DO NOT SUPPORT SPAM IN ANY FORM.   W e do however add those who place orders with us to our own e-mailing list. You can always ask to be removed.
Furthermore, we make no attempts to track your visits to our web site nor do we make any attempts to gather any type of data from your computer - personal or otherwise. We believe your privacy should be honored.
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